Over Dutch Zeolite Association (DZA) meeting 2018

Dutch Zeolite Association (DZA) meeting 2018

This one-day symposium will offer an overview of recent advances on the synthesis, characterisation and applications of zeolites and related materials, such as ordered mesoporous materials and metal-organic frameworks.

The invited plenary speaker for this DZA day will be Prof. Avelino Corma, from ITQ, Valencia (Spain).

This symposium is particularly aimed at giving an opportunity to young researchers from the Netherlands and Flanders-Belgium (particularly PhD students, but also Master students and postdoctoral scientists) to present and discuss their research.

Venue: Amsterdam Science Park, 1098XH Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Registration and costs: Registration is free for Master and PhD students that are members of the DZA.

For other Master and PhD students the registration fee is 50 euros. For other participants, the fee is 100 euros for DZA-members and 150 euros for non-members.

Please register here.

If you also want to become a member of the DZA (and at the same time of the DCS), please register at: https://katalyse.kncv.nl/becoming-a-member

Abstract submission and program

Master students/PhD students/postdocs who wish to give a presentation are invited to send a single-page abstract to DZAday2018@gmail.com before September 15, 2018.

The detailed programme of the full-day symposium will be sent to registered participants after September 15, 2018. Please note that total number of registrations will be limited to 150.

On behalf of the DZA board,

Dr. Shiju Raveendran, University of Amsterdam

Sponsors of the DZA day 2018:

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